Mobile App Prototyping Services

Discover your innovative app idea with Mobile App Prototyping

Prototyping is the visual release of the product which is created in order to the test the concept of your app idea. In other words it describes as a preliminary version of your platform. Thus prototyping offers you a great path were you can test your idea for the web or the mobile.  AppActuator believes that prototyping can an ideal weapon for mobile app startup.

Different type of prototyping

Although there are different type of prototyping services such as storyboard, paper prototyping and wireframe and mockups but AppActuator provides you with design prototyping services which let help you to get better visual representation how your app will look like.

What is mobile app prototyping?

Mobile app designing involves prototyping of your app idea or you can also say that it provides you with a better design whereas prototyping helps in providing the right designs. It is a right approach for decision making.

Why you need mobile prototyping?

Apart from building User Experience and skills, prototyping provides you with variety of important things which can be beneficial in project development. Let us know why prototyping is necessary for designing your mobile experience.

  • Communicate with your friends and families of your app idea.
  • Generate a perfect idea
  • Focus on your app idea
  • Gather feedback
  • Start with prototyping

Why Mobile prototyping with AppActuator?

Most of the time even the brilliant ideas fails because of lack of funds and without a proper marketing strategies. The primarily reason why the app fails is due to lack of better prototyping.

AppActuator provides you with excellent prototyping services where all the ideas are developed into full functional visual prototype which can be beneficial for checking and implementing your idea and help you in raising the funds from the investors.

AppActuator provides you with the most rapid prototyping for the startups and even helps to frame up the ideas into incredible and interactive prototyping of web and mobile apps for Windows, iOS and Android platform.

Benefit to have Mobile App prototyping with AppActuator?

  • Our team of experts provides you with expert quality and detail of your app idea and provides you with the documentation with competitive research.
  • We transform your app idea into high quality wireframe and helps to develop strategies for app development.
  • We provide you with world class designers who are efficient in converting your app features into appealing designs which helps you with right step that is necessary for mobile app development and provides you with better app experience.
  • It is a good click through mobile or web app which is beneficial in developing minimum feasible product which is ready for the development.

If you are planning to start with your incredible app idea then you need to contact AppActuator today.



Custom Mobile Marketing Apps Development Services

Today the smartphone users has increased tremendously because of its great features. People love to access Internet and check emails with the smartphones. If you are a business minded person than you may have noticed yourself what is the importance of SmartPhone for you and for your business. Smartphone provides you a great medium with the help of which you can reach to your customers through multiple ways.

AppActuator help the business companies to make use of mobile marketing technology to increase its branding. If you are looking for apps that are based on location then we are expert in developing location based Advertisement (LBA) for mobile applications. Apart from these AppActuator provides a number of great features such as:

AppActuator’s Mobile Marketing Apps Features

  • Apps according to targeted Audience Interest: To attain the interest of your targeted audiences AppActuator develops mobile advertisement that help you best in mobile marketing.
  • Location based targeting: AppActuator provides you with customized mobile applications which will be helpful in targeting audience based on a specific location.
  • Time based Targeting: As a business firm you can choose any kind of ads and for certain time limit.
  • Demographic user target: By this way you can able to target people who belong to specific class of people belongs to some society.
  • Targeting Social Media: You will able to promote your product with the help of social media websites and you can even place your social media links on the ads which you use for the targeting audiences.
  • Compatibility of cross platform: Business companies can make use of the mobile applications that are compatible according to your platform such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and others.
  • Targeting specific devices: You can create customized apps which be compatible with different devices such as Tablets, Smartphones, Blackberry device and iPhones.
  • Targeting different languages: You can approach your customers for the recommendation to make use of certain and multiple languages

AppActuator make use of popular advertisement exchanges such as Google which are highly helpful for the clients to post their advertisement over their own website or other popular websites. AppActuator make use of many type of mobile applications which is helpful to meet all the requirement of your organization. Here are some type of mobile application which we develop:

  • Mobile App marketing development
  • Development of mobile games
  • Internet Security tools for mobile
  • News applications for mobile
  • Mobile travelling applications
  • Mobile Music applications
  • E-book publishing mobile application

AppActuator helps you develop a high quality and successful mobile marketing applications for different type of clients at a very affordable prices. If you want to know more about the AppActuator Mobile Marketing application services then contact us from Here.

Mobile App Development Process

AppActuator-Mobile App Development Company, which provides you with overall mobile application development services which enables you to get all the benefits of mobility, fast access and instant availability. We have a vast experience is developing mobile app development which ensures that it meets all our client requirements so that business efficiency, ability and functionality is increased.

We are efficient in developing all types of mobile app platforms such as iOS Apps, Android and Windows Apps both native and cross platforms. We believe that a clear and strong app development process makes complex app development an easy task. So the clients need to understand our App Development process in order to actively understand our process. Here is a brief description of our process:

Designing App Prototype

Firstly our AppActuator team sits with you in order to understand your app idea, purpose, end user and the market as well. We believe that we can provide you with the best results only if we are able to understand your idea. After a good chat our team we understand your app idea and concept and start to make your app idea into shape. Once we understand what we are developing we need to create the prototype which can represent the exact design of the developed app. Prototype provides you with the problem and defines the solution for your app development on the same time. It provides you with the app problem and help you to figure out all the solution for all your app problems.  In this stage changes can be done and according to feedback generated from the prototype design.

User interface designs

In this stage the apps are been developed via the help of Photoshop design of your application through prototype. The design concept of the application will be based on the prototype and will be the exact copy and visual representation of the final product. The placement, design and color of the item are carefully executed keeping in the end users into account.

Development of app

We search the best mobile app developers for you and make you choose the best deal which can suit all your app development requirements. In this stage the front end mobile designs are translated into codes as per the functionality of the app. In this stage the incremental development provides an excellent quality application. In this stage all the required functionality are assigned to the app in this stage.

Marketing of App

In this stage when your app has been finished, tested and where it is ready for the launch.  Finally here the mobile app is submitted to the app store where it is available for download. In this process it provides all the information which is needed and create the budget accordingly for app marketing. Now you can approach the investors for investing on the marketing of your app. We provide you with the consultancy with our network of VC’s for generating funds that can be helpful in marketing of the app. In this process your app will be submitted to the app store whether it is Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Our proven capabilities and extra ordinary design competition helps you in creating the finest quality prototype. We have a strong relationship with the software leaders who are ready for buying out all your app so if you want to sell your app idea then we provide you with the right investors who and market leader who can buy your app.

Mobile Application Development Services

To make your business grow among the different companies you need to design and develop mobile apps. Apps are very beneficial for people who look for relevant information about practically anything on the move via a single tap with their tablet, smartphone, or other mobile devices. To driving high traffic mobile apps can be very beneficial and for conversion in real-time.

To meet the specific needs of your diverse business and looking for mobile an app development services then AppActuator can be a right for you. AppActuator is recognized as the best mobile app development and provide you with high performance mobile application which helps to boost your business.

The mobile app development services which we provide includes different platforms or operating system which includes BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Tablets, iPad and custom mobile app development also.

iPhone Apps Development

You will find millions of apps registered in the App Store. So in order to develop a cutting edge competitors need to come up with eye catching, perfect applications. To engage your targeted audience you need to understand your business needs and the design of the app. To meet the growing needs of your targeted audience you need to make your app more scalable and user friendly. We provide you with the best mobile app developer’s team who are highly efficient in building up user friendly apps which can add value to their branding. We provide you with the experienced iPhone and iPad professional developer who are capable for serving all your business requirements for all types of iOS applications so that maximum revenue and profits are generated out of it.

Android App Development

Google Android platform has become the most popular mobile platform. So if you want to boost your business then an Android app can be the best way to so. We are specialized in Android Application development and provides you with customized and easy to use mobile apps. Our Android application developer’s providers make use of the most advanced technologies through which you get a high quality solution for your business. Any mobile app developed will be a result of certified developers who has rich experience in handling multiple Android application development projects.

Why you should choose our Mobile App Development services

AppActuator is considered as the best mobile app development company which are known for creating any number of mobile application for different operating system. We provide you with well-equipped and simple as well as complex projects investment on money and time.

We provide you with extensive experience and technologies which helps you to attain excellence in all mobile platforms
  • We are known for the best remote development methodology
  • You get a real-time and back-up and distribution of contents for smartphone, desktop and tablets
  • We keep value of your time and idea and work hard in order to turn into reality.
  • We generate you with the most cost effective mobile app development.


Mobile Application Development for the Target Audience

Developing an app is risky but this risk can become very helpful for your business in setting up branding. So if you want to enter into mobile app development industry but are afraid of the failure. It is even true that everyone wants to become popular overnight but it requires a lot of struggle to get the top rank in the app store and it may come to your mind that it was that the effort you made was worth of building an app. Young entrepreneurs who are ready to face all the challenges but to know whether they are in the right direction. No matter whatever you plan is to release an application for Android or iOS the main ideology is to reach out to the customers. But before proceeding to the app development there are a number of question you should answer if you are startup.

  1. What motivates you in building an App?

For example remember the date when you bought your first smartphone, the first thing what you did on your phone is downloading an application or game app if you have heard it about. May be it was your love at first site and after using it you decided to learn the coding, hopping that one day your app will be installed on millions of devices. This can be a great motivation for you and can bring you money and fame and can fulfill your goals.

  1. How to know that you’re App Idea does not get stolen?

Sometimes sharing your plans can be help you. But you should always keep your mouth shut and do not give any details about the steps that you are about to take regarding to your business. However still if you want to ask any opinion on the key features then it is better that you should sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement first in order to safeguard your idea.

  1. What platform should you choose?

Google Play store contains more number of applications than the Apple’s App store and most of the people prefer in building Android App because the features that the developer add to the app are not supported the iOS and because the audience consists of variety of social classes. The iOS apps are created for the premium users who does not mind spending in few dollars on them. But it takes a lot of time and it costs more for creating an Android app and if the app does not generate interest then the developers may lose interest in investing in the app.

  1. What makes the app special?

The mobile app market is flooded with a lot of applications which will compete against other different types of app. It is very easy to enter into the market but if they don’t know anything about how you can convince the strangers to try out the app if they don’t know anything about your app. It is very simple and your app will stand out if it consists of right features which can help the users in daily lives no matter even anyone is looking for some other app but still the application which simplify your work those app will always have advantage. The targeted market differ from one area to another and the best to focus on those for larger number of users experience into possible way.

  1. How to know about the price of the app?

While building an app for fun and if it is free to download then you can sell your app plan and get rich. If you introduce in-app purchase and make your customers pay good money to unlock more features. You should set up fair price without getting greedy. But if the price of the app is one time free then depending the complexity of the app you will be charged on the basis of customers between few cents and 100 dollars.

  1. How much it will cost to build an app?

Large app companies can invest up to 1 million dollars for creating those apps that may be at top 5 ranking top in Google Play store or Apple’s App store. To build a full-fledged app you need to spend between $150,000 to $450,000 while smaller companies invest in between $50,000 to $100,000 but still this amount totally depends on the targeted platform.


You cannot find any way to prevent failure and it is not sure that it will take 4 to 6 months. The secret for app marketing is collaboration and wait for results to appear over time.

AppActuator can be helpful in such a situation, it is mobile application development service provider who provides you with total mobile app development such prototype the app design, designing of mobile app, development and marketing. It even helps you in collecting funds from the market at any point of time for building and marketing your app.

How & Why Prototypes is Necessary for Good App Design

Prototype provides you with the closer functionality of your app whereas the wireframes describes the blueprint of the app and the mockups provides the feel and design. It is the prototype which gives a life its user experience. To make the beautiful call to action into life and to make it a successful one you need to work on generating better clickable prototype.  Not only prototype helps you to generate the concept but even exposes all the usability flaws of the wireframes and mockups.

A product success solely depends on the proper prototyping. Here are some of the reasons to have better prototyping and how prototypes can improve collaboration, app interface design and the testing its usability.

5 reasons why you need to have prototype

Prototyping helps to save the time that is spent during the design and at the development of the app. For example if you are trying the jeans before buying it or test driving the car, in that sense if you have interactive designs before the development is the best part and help you test your design interactively before the development. Here is how users can access to the design solution can solve problems.

There are various reasons why prototyping is necessary depending on designers and their needs, some of the benefits are:

  • Better app communication and collaboration: It is an imaginative collaboration which the main of prototyping, it even helps in exploring out the limitations and possibilities.
  • Feasible and reduces wastage: wireframes, mockups and live documents in paper are not the reality. The prototype allows the team to experiment, provides them freedom and ensures that you cannot fail while help you in learning purpose.
  • Selling of app idea: Prototypes can be beneficial for providing the workability of the app to your clients. Such as the real life websites or app can prove the vision of your app than a wordy description or mockups that which only contains notes.
  • Early Testing of the usability: with the help of user testing prototype you can find problems which can come while developing an app. So when you fix them earlier during the process then it will not only save your time but even provides you with hassle free app which is full proof cemented with coding. Even 25% of the post release bugs gets reduced with the prototyping.
  • Set the priorities of designs: Prototyping helps to provide priority interaction designs which helps you to know the reality of static design decisions.

Thus basically prototype helps to freeze the app requirements before you proceed to designing or coding. Prototype helps you in understanding your app requirements. The prototype is developed on the basis of the requirements. App prototype designs helps to provide you with the actual look and feel with the functionality of the app and helps your clients to better understand the requirement of the system. AppActuator is one of the app design prototyping service providers who primary concern is to provide its clients with interactive and proper app prototypes which helps you to develop successful apps without any hassle.

Mobile Application Development Services

With the popularity of the mobile apps new trends has been set that includes uniqueness of app and user experience with wow features that can drive them towards exploring the app. Mobile apps can provide a lot of value to your business and will increase the customer market. It is medium through which not only customers get a unique platform but a convenient user experience and the companies are able to get impressive returns through which they are able to reach out to customer’s base.

These apps has taken every aspect of our lives, especially the business and the professional lives. So if your app does not have solid presence then it may become invisible any time. Mobile applications has become a very good of trapping new customers market, businesses which does not possess customized Mobile Application may lose the chance of generating unique service experience for their potential clients.

Mobile App Development is very complex and the development experts which AppActuator provides, are expert in developing high quality app designs which provides a good value of your money. So if you want your mobile app designed by our experienced developers then you can contact us and our team will provide you with the best quality app.

We provide you with following Mobile App Development Platform:

Hybrid Apps for multiple mobile platforms

To make your business website accessible on variety of mobile platform you need to opt for Hybrid Mobile App Development Service. Hybrid mobile apps are ideal for the people who want to launch their services on mobile platform and provides them with an effective solution.

Hybrid apps are some way different from the regular apps on the basis of their design. The design of hybrid apps is such that the developers does not need to build up a different type of mobile platform and does not have to write code from scratch. It involves JavaScript and HTML5, which make the codes easily useable by a variety of mobile operating system.

Windows Mobile Application Development Service

Windows mobile operating is the fastest building application in the market and provides a saturated markets such as North America. With simple interface and interaction the Microsoft services provides Windows proving platform app for development with markets which is for future use.

The technically advanced and complicated tasks which is handled by best industry and if you want to provide your customer with great user experience for your business website then develop the windows mobile application as per your need.

Android Apps for Customer Market

Customizable business app that helps to attract your customers on your website and offers you with unique and enjoyable user experience which is different from others. The success of the Android app depends on technical, skilled and customized services of app developers.

You need to have a team of experts who can offer you with exclusive needs and designs on the basis of latest technical advancements that can offer you with the high quality product. The AppActuator team offers you with the high quality Android app that is designed for particular requirements and which would be loved by the customers.

Mobile App Development for iOS App Development

With every business you need unique and customers who are waiting for user experience such that is efficient to attract your targeted audience that none of your competitors are able to do. You also need such an app that make your customers coming back to your fully customized iPad/iPhone app. You can offers with reviews in form of portfolio, landing page contents through which you can provide your customers with the service you offer through your apps of your website on their iPhone by choosing AppActuator for this job.

App development is a very complex and is very technical task so you need an expert who can help you with the customized design and development of your app. AppActuator help you with the prototyping of your app ideas, designing of app platform, development of your full-fledged app and even marketing of your app in the market, for doing so if any time you need any type of investment then our team even provides you with the right investment and on time.

If you want to extend your customers bases and is able to penetrate the channels of mobile market then AppActuator can provide with this.