Mobile Application Development for the Target Audience

Developing an app is risky but this risk can become very helpful for your business in setting up branding. So if you want to enter into mobile app development industry but are afraid of the failure. It is even true that everyone wants to become popular overnight but it requires a lot of struggle to get the top rank in the app store and it may come to your mind that it was that the effort you made was worth of building an app. Young entrepreneurs who are ready to face all the challenges but to know whether they are in the right direction. No matter whatever you plan is to release an application for Android or iOS the main ideology is to reach out to the customers. But before proceeding to the app development there are a number of question you should answer if you are startup.

  1. What motivates you in building an App?

For example remember the date when you bought your first smartphone, the first thing what you did on your phone is downloading an application or game app if you have heard it about. May be it was your love at first site and after using it you decided to learn the coding, hopping that one day your app will be installed on millions of devices. This can be a great motivation for you and can bring you money and fame and can fulfill your goals.

  1. How to know that you’re App Idea does not get stolen?

Sometimes sharing your plans can be help you. But you should always keep your mouth shut and do not give any details about the steps that you are about to take regarding to your business. However still if you want to ask any opinion on the key features then it is better that you should sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement first in order to safeguard your idea.

  1. What platform should you choose?

Google Play store contains more number of applications than the Apple’s App store and most of the people prefer in building Android App because the features that the developer add to the app are not supported the iOS and because the audience consists of variety of social classes. The iOS apps are created for the premium users who does not mind spending in few dollars on them. But it takes a lot of time and it costs more for creating an Android app and if the app does not generate interest then the developers may lose interest in investing in the app.

  1. What makes the app special?

The mobile app market is flooded with a lot of applications which will compete against other different types of app. It is very easy to enter into the market but if they don’t know anything about how you can convince the strangers to try out the app if they don’t know anything about your app. It is very simple and your app will stand out if it consists of right features which can help the users in daily lives no matter even anyone is looking for some other app but still the application which simplify your work those app will always have advantage. The targeted market differ from one area to another and the best to focus on those for larger number of users experience into possible way.

  1. How to know about the price of the app?

While building an app for fun and if it is free to download then you can sell your app plan and get rich. If you introduce in-app purchase and make your customers pay good money to unlock more features. You should set up fair price without getting greedy. But if the price of the app is one time free then depending the complexity of the app you will be charged on the basis of customers between few cents and 100 dollars.

  1. How much it will cost to build an app?

Large app companies can invest up to 1 million dollars for creating those apps that may be at top 5 ranking top in Google Play store or Apple’s App store. To build a full-fledged app you need to spend between $150,000 to $450,000 while smaller companies invest in between $50,000 to $100,000 but still this amount totally depends on the targeted platform.


You cannot find any way to prevent failure and it is not sure that it will take 4 to 6 months. The secret for app marketing is collaboration and wait for results to appear over time.

AppActuator can be helpful in such a situation, it is mobile application development service provider who provides you with total mobile app development such prototype the app design, designing of mobile app, development and marketing. It even helps you in collecting funds from the market at any point of time for building and marketing your app.


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