How & Why Prototypes is Necessary for Good App Design

Prototype provides you with the closer functionality of your app whereas the wireframes describes the blueprint of the app and the mockups provides the feel and design. It is the prototype which gives a life its user experience. To make the beautiful call to action into life and to make it a successful one you need to work on generating better clickable prototype.  Not only prototype helps you to generate the concept but even exposes all the usability flaws of the wireframes and mockups.

A product success solely depends on the proper prototyping. Here are some of the reasons to have better prototyping and how prototypes can improve collaboration, app interface design and the testing its usability.

5 reasons why you need to have prototype

Prototyping helps to save the time that is spent during the design and at the development of the app. For example if you are trying the jeans before buying it or test driving the car, in that sense if you have interactive designs before the development is the best part and help you test your design interactively before the development. Here is how users can access to the design solution can solve problems.

There are various reasons why prototyping is necessary depending on designers and their needs, some of the benefits are:

  • Better app communication and collaboration: It is an imaginative collaboration which the main of prototyping, it even helps in exploring out the limitations and possibilities.
  • Feasible and reduces wastage: wireframes, mockups and live documents in paper are not the reality. The prototype allows the team to experiment, provides them freedom and ensures that you cannot fail while help you in learning purpose.
  • Selling of app idea: Prototypes can be beneficial for providing the workability of the app to your clients. Such as the real life websites or app can prove the vision of your app than a wordy description or mockups that which only contains notes.
  • Early Testing of the usability: with the help of user testing prototype you can find problems which can come while developing an app. So when you fix them earlier during the process then it will not only save your time but even provides you with hassle free app which is full proof cemented with coding. Even 25% of the post release bugs gets reduced with the prototyping.
  • Set the priorities of designs: Prototyping helps to provide priority interaction designs which helps you to know the reality of static design decisions.

Thus basically prototype helps to freeze the app requirements before you proceed to designing or coding. Prototype helps you in understanding your app requirements. The prototype is developed on the basis of the requirements. App prototype designs helps to provide you with the actual look and feel with the functionality of the app and helps your clients to better understand the requirement of the system. AppActuator is one of the app design prototyping service providers who primary concern is to provide its clients with interactive and proper app prototypes which helps you to develop successful apps without any hassle.


How to Sell an App Idea

You have a great app idea which can change the world but you don’t know how to sell the app and make millions out of it then this article can help you. For this you need to follow these steps mentioned below:

Make a Plan

If you have not done this then you need to come up with a plan first.

  1. Write your app ideas: Whatever app idea which is in your mind write it down with all the different features and functions. Make sure that you make use of sentences to write down your ideas, how the app will work and what are its functions and how the users would will be able to use it.
  2. Create mock-up: This mock up is a visual imitation of your app idea how would be the look and feel of the app.

The main goal is to make the app idea presentable for the buyers or for the developers and to blowout the idea.

There are many wireframe designing software which you can use to mock up your ideas. But it would be better if you take expert help in order to make it as it will give your idea a good structure.

  1. Write Pitches: These are the messages which can be used for selling off your app ideas, without proving a lot of information. You must create a couple of pitches so that you can use them at different scenarios. Here are some of the example of pitches that you can use:

Phone Call Pitch: Describe your idea in 2-3 lines that what your app idea is and how it will help the customers.

Email Pitch: You can write 2-3 paragraphs pitch with more details. You must make sure that you should write couple of good subject lines that you should use.

Forum Pitch.  You can write 1-2 paragraphs which should be short and should be to the point and you should try to be casual and do not spam.

Blog Comment Pitch: You should include an about 1 paragraph. While commenting and trying to match the pitch with context of the blog and should not spam.

Will your App idea will work?

The basic plan to validate:

  1. Get honest options: Whatever you’re working app plan is present it in front of your friends and family. Don’t get afraid of the criticism rather it will help you to construct more accurate app and will save your time.
  2. Conduct general market research: Before you spend time and money on selling your app idea it is better that you make sure that your app idea and the market is not completely saturated.

You can even consult the App market analyzer such as AppActuator to help you in doing so. It has the ability to provide you with the best app keyword research and provide you with the good marketing metrics who will tell you that whether you app has the potential to exist in the market or not.


Selling an App Idea

It is not easy to sell an idea without knowing the market. You need to create a marketing plan and need to be sure that whether you app will able to make money or not. Once you have done with this then it is the time for you to sell it in the market.

Now the question comes where to sell your app ideas?

Plan A:

There are not many official places where you can sell your app but you can start fishing around by writing reviews of your app through blogs, forums and other advertising tools. Remember refrain from putting the whole app idea in the blog just try to write bits of them to generate an interest between your targeted audiences.

You also must make sure that you have a pre canned pitches ready for your app especially when you get a call from your potential buyers.


Plan B:


Sell your app through cloud funding platform. Sell your app idea where any buyers will buy your app ideas and develop them by themselves or even they can fund you in developing the app on your idea.

If you get funds for your app idea then what else would be better than this, AppActuator will help you in getting funds from the market for building apps on your unique idea. So having an app is not so hard than thinking of an idea. You just need some capital and need it to be developed and marketed in which you can get good assistance from AppActuator.