Mobile Application Design

The mobile app platform development has developed a lot nowadays. Everyday new innovative apps is coming up and people are demanding for fast and is prefer for mobile interaction rather than on web interaction. Today we have a number of mobile platforms such as Symbian, iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc, so all the applications are developed in such a way that it is compatible with various platforms.

Why AppActuator Consultancy

AppActuator provides you with expert designs and mobile usability services via its mobile app development. We are expert in developing Mobile Applications with the help of variety of platforms and devices. We are expert in developing Blackberry Mobile Application Development, Android and iPhone Application Development.

We have a lot of experience in providing best mobile application company through highly skilled app designers and developers who are efficient in developing your idea into reality. In order to have simple and easy smartphone application development you need to prototypes which can speak about your mobile design and ensures that your mobile application ideas become the way you want it and on budget and in time.

Our expertise Mobile App Includes:

We provide you with end to end assistance according to your requirement and provides you with the best value of your money from the app idea prototype building to app distribution and promotion of mobile app.

Application Analysis & Architecture:

Our team members listen carefully to your ideas and understand what the purpose of App is and how you want the look and feel of your App. According to the App market we survey and estimate the usability and uniqueness of your app. The analysis process provides a clear idea about the app, pricing of your app, strategies to launch and execute the market plan. It provides you with the whole roadmap of what you want from your app.

Application Design & Development:

Once the whole concept of the app is understood then it is time where the expert design team work on their App designs. It includes creating screen and flowchart for app idea. Once you will get satisfied with the design and the flow of the app then only we will continue to develop app use it for mobile app marketplace. With this step you can develop your mobile app and provides life to your app. After the coding team has built the basic architecture of your application then you need to create rich and user friendly program which work efficiently with your potential clients. We provide you with professional coding and stunning graphics and pictures.

Application Marketing & Launching Strategies:

There are a lot of factors which you need to keep in mind before launching of your app and most critical is pricing. There are hundreds of apps which are launched daily in multiple app stores. In the pre-launch strategies the main process includes word of mouth promotion, advertisement campaigns and many more. You can implement press release and YouTube promotional videos which provides useful techniques to implement.

We even suggest customers with the right timing at the time of launch.

Deliver your Application Message:

You can engage your potential app customers over the social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs etc. in order to make it popular. You can publish and distribute the press release of your updates through outlets.

Increase your Application Earnings:

We even support you in exploring effective techniques which can help you in increasing the app revenue. It includes free offers, runs contests, promo codes etc. All these strategies are meant for hitting your targeted audiences by making relevant themes of the app for your targeted users. So if you are looking for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile Application Development then AppActuator is there to help you.


iOS Application Development Service Providers

With the successful launch of iPhone 7, Apple has marked its leadership in the market for future.  The iPad and iPhone is the most fashionable gadgets in the world. These gadgets are known for its amazing features and for both of gadgets sale worldwide. The powerful feature of this platform is to develop apps which can deliver the optimum performance in simple and user friendly way.

AppActuator provides iOS application development services by using the potential features of iPad and iPhone platforms. The success of an app lies in its right functionality and with right time.

Why you need iPhone and iPad Apps Development?

  • Inbuilt and easy to use apps
  • Cost effective customizable apps which suits your business needs
  • Generate additional channels for sales and thus helps you to generate revenue.
  • Provides high quality user experience
  • Generate branding and make your technical presence
  • Provides smart as well as powerful features
  • Presence among buyers in market
  • Easily integrates with cloud computing services

AppActuator provides iPhone/iPad application development services from the idea stage till the actual app development and marketing stage and even helps in approval from app store. We make use of the Apple and Cocoa’s API for creating the Xcode development for developing the animation, the appearance of the app will look like and the networking of the apps to make easy which we help you to achieve.

AppActuator iPhone/iPad services

  • Provides custom app development
  • Provide you with the game development
  • Provides you with development of games app
  • Provides enterprise application development
  • Provides m-commerce application development
  • Provides e-learning and education apps development
  • GPS and location based app development
  • Application for social media
  • Widget development

AppActuator ensures that you get an app which is meant for providing conceptualization. We make use of right tools and technologies which can help you to reach out to the targeted audiences. Our app development provider’s service provides you with every bit of things in right place and with functional designs.

Why AppActuator?

  • Provides you with superior quality apps and even helps you with existing ones
  • Provides with reasonable pricing
  • Provides world class technologies and development
  • Provides you with high priority and client satisfaction
  • Communicating process
  • Provide you with experienced development
  • Provides on time quality services
  • Provides online 24/7 support

iOS provides you with the best market which provides you with features which is the most reputed platform in the market. To mark its existence in this challenging market the app needs to mark its presence. The team of AppActuator will ensure that your needs are in the right direction, is easily manageable and organized from the first interaction of the app till the development and deployment phase of the app present in the Apple App Store. For a high quality iOS Application Development Services you can contact AppActuator through

How to Sell an App Idea

You have a great app idea which can change the world but you don’t know how to sell the app and make millions out of it then this article can help you. For this you need to follow these steps mentioned below:

Make a Plan

If you have not done this then you need to come up with a plan first.

  1. Write your app ideas: Whatever app idea which is in your mind write it down with all the different features and functions. Make sure that you make use of sentences to write down your ideas, how the app will work and what are its functions and how the users would will be able to use it.
  2. Create mock-up: This mock up is a visual imitation of your app idea how would be the look and feel of the app.

The main goal is to make the app idea presentable for the buyers or for the developers and to blowout the idea.

There are many wireframe designing software which you can use to mock up your ideas. But it would be better if you take expert help in order to make it as it will give your idea a good structure.

  1. Write Pitches: These are the messages which can be used for selling off your app ideas, without proving a lot of information. You must create a couple of pitches so that you can use them at different scenarios. Here are some of the example of pitches that you can use:

Phone Call Pitch: Describe your idea in 2-3 lines that what your app idea is and how it will help the customers.

Email Pitch: You can write 2-3 paragraphs pitch with more details. You must make sure that you should write couple of good subject lines that you should use.

Forum Pitch.  You can write 1-2 paragraphs which should be short and should be to the point and you should try to be casual and do not spam.

Blog Comment Pitch: You should include an about 1 paragraph. While commenting and trying to match the pitch with context of the blog and should not spam.

Will your App idea will work?

The basic plan to validate:

  1. Get honest options: Whatever you’re working app plan is present it in front of your friends and family. Don’t get afraid of the criticism rather it will help you to construct more accurate app and will save your time.
  2. Conduct general market research: Before you spend time and money on selling your app idea it is better that you make sure that your app idea and the market is not completely saturated.

You can even consult the App market analyzer such as AppActuator to help you in doing so. It has the ability to provide you with the best app keyword research and provide you with the good marketing metrics who will tell you that whether you app has the potential to exist in the market or not.


Selling an App Idea

It is not easy to sell an idea without knowing the market. You need to create a marketing plan and need to be sure that whether you app will able to make money or not. Once you have done with this then it is the time for you to sell it in the market.

Now the question comes where to sell your app ideas?

Plan A:

There are not many official places where you can sell your app but you can start fishing around by writing reviews of your app through blogs, forums and other advertising tools. Remember refrain from putting the whole app idea in the blog just try to write bits of them to generate an interest between your targeted audiences.

You also must make sure that you have a pre canned pitches ready for your app especially when you get a call from your potential buyers.


Plan B:


Sell your app through cloud funding platform. Sell your app idea where any buyers will buy your app ideas and develop them by themselves or even they can fund you in developing the app on your idea.

If you get funds for your app idea then what else would be better than this, AppActuator will help you in getting funds from the market for building apps on your unique idea. So having an app is not so hard than thinking of an idea. You just need some capital and need it to be developed and marketed in which you can get good assistance from AppActuator.


Strategies behind the Success of Mobile App Marketing

Strategies behind the Success of Mobile App Marketing

Mobile apps is in a high demand and marketing them is very essential aspect so that your app can reach to your targeted audience. As you know that there are millions of app out in the app store so your app may get disappear in the crowd. Thus it is highly necessary that you market your mobile app in such a way that it can stand in the crowd. Some of the strategies that can help you in mobile app marketing are mentioned below: Continue reading

App Development Mistakes that can kill your App


Smartphones has become very popular in a short period of time. With the popularity of smartphones the importance of the apps has also increased. So if you are planning to take your business to mobile and need an app then you are in a right track. However you need a perfect approach to create a perfect mobile app but if it contains any flaws it will ruin your app. For this you need to choose the right developers who can create your app without any hitch. Continue reading

How to Create Your Own App?


App market is very high in demand and if you are planning to create an app then it is a favorable time to do so. Today I want to acknowledge you about all the steps required to create a mobile application.

Step 1: Planning and generating business analysis

It is very hard to estimate the cost that will take in the apps development process. But through planning you can be able to estimate where you are now and how you can get your desired point. If you are able to connect with your app development team then you will be able to share your research with the team and start building up the app.

To start with the mobile app development you need to study the market and even you need to check whether there is any demand of your idea. This step helps you in understanding what the trends are and what are the features. Even if you does not find anything which is exactly as your idea is then you don’t have to worry you may have find a new thing. AppActuator provides its clients with expert in specific industries if your business is very rare and in difficult field.

After you have decided to work on your idea now you need to check your competitors carefully. Analyze your strengths and weakness and adjust your strategies accordingly. You also need to make your analysis according to your user’s personas.

Step 2. Assessment of technical feasibility

To develop your app you need to generate detailed technical documentation which will help you to determine the feature of the project and set up milestones for you. You need to decide which type of operation systems and devices you need to build your app on. As each platform is based on its specifications and requirements on the basis of the gadgets whether it is smartphone, tablet or wearables.

Step 3. Prototyping and Designing

How it is possible to create your own app? You need to prototype it. It is very necessary to create prototype but clients try to skip this phase. But when you have a working model then it can be useful in future use as it translate your idea into language and which can be beneficial for the development team to understand your idea.

These prototype are helpful for creating both iOS and Android operating systems and is beneficial for experts in order to design the according to the material.

The process of app making is divided into following steps:

  1. Create a sketch: Firstly you need to create a draft version of your app on a paper and set up logic, number of screens and how they will interact with each other on a paper.
  2. Then you need to create wireframes or prototype: This is a visual of the draft in an app structure.
  3. Create a clickable prototype: It helps to find out and to analyze all the possible cases. In this stage customers work with the team to discover the logics and technical variations in your idea. The more issues you will find in your app and you will be able to solve before coding, the more money and time you will be able to save.
  4. Design the skin of app: In this stage we will collect all the prototypes and will put them together so that you get the best app design.

Step 4. Development

It is the most exciting and the challenging phase of your app. For this you need decide what native app you are going to use or want to have cross platform for it. You can even create your custom app for every operating system. This type of development allows you to have faster performance, provides better security which helps the users to have better experience in your app.

Step 5. Publishing and Maintenance

Finally when your app gets released now it is the time that you have to show it to the world. AppActuator helps you in this and you can get the benefits of both the app store optimization and it will help your users to find your app even in endless ocean of options. When you market your app you get a high quality promotional material through which you can make your app as you need it to happen.


You may find it difficulty in such an intensive and hard labor oriented work but all works to develop application for mobile. There are many factors which affects how you create an app. The main ingredients which make your app successful are team of professional developers, your idea, and the latest trends of your project in the market helps to create efforts to create the app and helps to achieve your business goals.


What are the techniques to increase user engagement within your Mobile App?

techniques to increase user engagement within your Mobile App?

Creating an app these days has become a child play now, thus building and maintaining a loyal and engaged user’s base has become a challenging task. In order to sustain in the market your app needs to be highly unique, innovative and more over it needs to be competitive. Ultimately what you actually need is strong user base. Continue reading