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Mobile App Development Process

AppActuator-Mobile App Development Company, which provides you with overall mobile application development services which enables you to get all the benefits of mobility, fast access and instant availability. We have a vast experience is developing mobile app development which ensures that it meets all our client requirements so that business efficiency, ability and functionality is increased.

We are efficient in developing all types of mobile app platforms such as iOS Apps, Android and Windows Apps both native and cross platforms. We believe that a clear and strong app development process makes complex app development an easy task. So the clients need to understand our App Development process in order to actively understand our process. Here is a brief description of our process:

Designing App Prototype

Firstly our AppActuator team sits with you in order to understand your app idea, purpose, end user and the market as well. We believe that we can provide you with the best results only if we are able to understand your idea. After a good chat our team we understand your app idea and concept and start to make your app idea into shape. Once we understand what we are developing we need to create the prototype which can represent the exact design of the developed app. Prototype provides you with the problem and defines the solution for your app development on the same time. It provides you with the app problem and help you to figure out all the solution for all your app problems.  In this stage changes can be done and according to feedback generated from the prototype design.

User interface designs

In this stage the apps are been developed via the help of Photoshop design of your application through prototype. The design concept of the application will be based on the prototype and will be the exact copy and visual representation of the final product. The placement, design and color of the item are carefully executed keeping in the end users into account.

Development of app

We search the best mobile app developers for you and make you choose the best deal which can suit all your app development requirements. In this stage the front end mobile designs are translated into codes as per the functionality of the app. In this stage the incremental development provides an excellent quality application. In this stage all the required functionality are assigned to the app in this stage.

Marketing of App

In this stage when your app has been finished, tested and where it is ready for the launch.  Finally here the mobile app is submitted to the app store where it is available for download. In this process it provides all the information which is needed and create the budget accordingly for app marketing. Now you can approach the investors for investing on the marketing of your app. We provide you with the consultancy with our network of VC’s for generating funds that can be helpful in marketing of the app. In this process your app will be submitted to the app store whether it is Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Our proven capabilities and extra ordinary design competition helps you in creating the finest quality prototype. We have a strong relationship with the software leaders who are ready for buying out all your app so if you want to sell your app idea then we provide you with the right investors who and market leader who can buy your app.