Custom Mobile Marketing Apps Development Services

Today the smartphone users has increased tremendously because of its great features. People love to access Internet and check emails with the smartphones. If you are a business minded person than you may have noticed yourself what is the importance of SmartPhone for you and for your business. Smartphone provides you a great medium with the help of which you can reach to your customers through multiple ways.

AppActuator help the business companies to make use of mobile marketing technology to increase its branding. If you are looking for apps that are based on location then we are expert in developing location based Advertisement (LBA) for mobile applications. Apart from these AppActuator provides a number of great features such as:

AppActuator’s Mobile Marketing Apps Features

  • Apps according to targeted Audience Interest: To attain the interest of your targeted audiences AppActuator develops mobile advertisement that help you best in mobile marketing.
  • Location based targeting: AppActuator provides you with customized mobile applications which will be helpful in targeting audience based on a specific location.
  • Time based Targeting: As a business firm you can choose any kind of ads and for certain time limit.
  • Demographic user target: By this way you can able to target people who belong to specific class of people belongs to some society.
  • Targeting Social Media: You will able to promote your product with the help of social media websites and you can even place your social media links on the ads which you use for the targeting audiences.
  • Compatibility of cross platform: Business companies can make use of the mobile applications that are compatible according to your platform such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and others.
  • Targeting specific devices: You can create customized apps which be compatible with different devices such as Tablets, Smartphones, Blackberry device and iPhones.
  • Targeting different languages: You can approach your customers for the recommendation to make use of certain and multiple languages

AppActuator make use of popular advertisement exchanges such as Google which are highly helpful for the clients to post their advertisement over their own website or other popular websites. AppActuator make use of many type of mobile applications which is helpful to meet all the requirement of your organization. Here are some type of mobile application which we develop:

  • Mobile App marketing development
  • Development of mobile games
  • Internet Security tools for mobile
  • News applications for mobile
  • Mobile travelling applications
  • Mobile Music applications
  • E-book publishing mobile application

AppActuator helps you develop a high quality and successful mobile marketing applications for different type of clients at a very affordable prices. If you want to know more about the AppActuator Mobile Marketing application services then contact us from Here.


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